Mike Brown is a versatile, collaborative, results-driven HR Consultant, Facilitator, Coach and Speaker who integrates business strategy into his delivery of sensible HR solutions. He has provided, HR, Organizational Development (OD), Executive Development and Training solutions for clients on 4 continents for a wide variety of industries, from Healthcare IT, Research, Telecommunications and Publishing to Manufacturing, Recruiting and Sales.Those experiences over his 25+-year career have been with public, private and non-profit companies from 62 to over 100,000 employees.


Coaching leaders from the C-Suite to new managers is something Mike has had zeal for throughout his career.He uses a model to Reach, Teach, Equip & Empower leaders, who can then coach and develop their own teams.He also applies Individual Development Plans (IDPís) and a holistic Career Development Planning approach as key components in the process for both professional and personal growth.This has led to increased effectiveness, confidence and responsibilities for clients.


Mike holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management with a Concentration in Human Resources from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC and lives in Raleigh now.